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Children's Art Programs

An Overview

For over twenty years, the Owl Art Center has offered art instructional programs for children ages five through thirteen. Under the management of Director, Ric Michel, the AfterSchool Art Program provides academic instruction in drawing, painting, clay/ceramics and other media in classroom studios adjacent to Owl's fine art gallery.

The AfterSchool Program has educated thousands of students and is regarded as one of Long Island's leading providers of childrens' fine art education.

Our Curriculum:

The Drawing and Painting Program

The AfterSchool Art Program is known for its academic and technical curriculum. While the lessons are fun, imaginative and foster creativity, each lesson advances a fine art concept and technique in the classical subjects of portrait, figure, still life and/or landscape.

Over the course of a fifteen week semester, students are exposed to a wide range of drawing, painting, and three dimensional media. The constant variation of both subject and media maintains a high level of interest and enthusiasm among the children..

The Program also takes full advantage of its Gallery environment. Through exposure to Owl's fine art gallery, the students become aware of the breadth and diversity of artistic expression. As students arrive for class, they often congregate in the Gallery to evaluate and discuss the displayed works. Before they even set foot in the classroom, real education takes place - the children are engaged and inspired to create.

The Gallery art works and artists also figure prominently in our currciulum. Many lessons are based on specific paintings or sculptures which are brought from the Gallery into the classroom studios. The presence of these works brings a greater authenticity to the lessons. Abstract concepts and techniques are made real through observable examples.

The lessons are also designed to be achievable by all of our students - regardless of age or experience - within the alloted time. Along with new skills, our students acquire confidence and pride in their accomplishments. It should further be noted that our instructors never enhance or embellish the student's work. All work produced in the studios is entirely the children's own.

The Clay/Ceramics Program

The AfterSchool Art Program also offers specialized classes in clay and ceramics for children ages 8 and above. In these classes, students work with raw clay and acquire technical handbuilding skills using the pinch, coil, slab and other methods of construction. Once built, the clay is fired and the lessons shift to decorative painting techniques. The children work with a variety of media to achieve novel and interesting effects with paints and glazes. Many of the projects completed in the clay class are functional items which the children utilize themselves or gift to delighted family members.


Mother and Child Portrait
Medium: Egg Tempera
Student: Age 7